General Rates Information

All rateable land is subject to an ordinary rate.


The land value of your property is one of the major factors in the determination of the ordinary rate you pay. Your land value is supplied to Council by the State Government (Valuer General's Office) with new values provided every three years. The amount of rates levied is also determined by the rating categorisation of your property. If you are interested in obtaining information on land tax, please navigate to NSW Land Registry Services Rating Categories. The Local Government Act states that all rateable land must be categorised into one of four rating categories (Residential, Business, Farmland or Mining) and Council must give notice of this category. Your rating category is displayed on your rate notice. These categories are purely for rating purposes and are not necessarily related to zoning or location.


Paying your rates(PDF, 135KB)

Change of address/Alteration Advice Form(PDF, 25KB)

Application for Council Pensioner Concession Rates Rebate(PDF, 694KB)





When are your Rates due?

The full amount of your rates is due for payment on 30 September.   However you may pay this yearly amount by quarterly instalments as shown on your rates notice.


Ratepayers who choose to pay by quarterly instalments are advised that instalments are due as follows:

  • 1st Instalment due: 31st August 
  • 2nd Instalment due: 30th November
  • 3rd Instalment due: 28th February
  • 4th Instalment due: 31st May


Ordinary Rates for 2022/23

The Ordinary Rates for 2022/23 include 2.1% Rate Peg set by the NSW State Government.

The approved rating Ad Valorem and Base Rates for 2022/23 are as follows:                                                                                                                   
Classification  General Adval %        Base Rate         Town Improvement Ad Val 
Business  0.00605635  266.00 0.00758770 
Farmland    0.00228205  203.00 0.00249276
Residential   0.00425473  185.00 0.00254692
Rural Residential        0.00301936  190.00  -
Non - Urban  0.00323666  260.00  -


Interest rate charged on overdue rates & charges

In accordance with section 566(3) of the Act, it has been determined that the maximum rate of interest payable on overdue rates and charges for the 2022/23 rating year will be 6%.



Town Improvements (TI)

The Town Improvement Levy is raised on every rateable assessment within the zoned Oberon town area. The purpose of this rate is to provide for town improvements. The categories applicable are residential, business and farmland.

The 2022/23 Town Improvement Levy will raise approx. $523,309 and Council has allocated funding to the following projects:


 Kerb and Gutter   $70,000 
 Drainage (Pits Upgrade) $30,000 
 Dart & Dudley Street (Pedestrian Upgrades)  $20,000 
 The Common $59,800 
 Sporting grounds and amenity improvements        $40,000 
 Street Trees Program $20,000 
 Bulk Goods Collection $20,000 
 Community Hub Project Assistance  250,000


Waste water (sewerage) service charges

A charge of $701.30 for all residential properties accessible to the waste water system, consisting of an access charge of $190.05 and a usage charge of $511.25.

An access charge for all non-residential properties accessible to the waste water system, levied in accordance with the size of the water meter for the respective property, as follows: 
Meter Size/ Charge ($) 
20 mm (3/4")        $183.75         25 mm (1")         $282.45 
30 mm (11/4") $406.35 38 mm (11/2" $653.10 
50 mm (2" $1,134.00 80 mm (3 1/4" $2,904.30 
100 mm (4")         $4,539.15         150 mm (6")          $10,202.85 
A usage charge of $3.89 per kilolitre for all non-residential properties accessible to the waste water system, based upon the estimated volume discharged into the waste water system utilising total water consumption figures, together with the SDF (Sewage Discharge Factor) determined for each property.


Water service charges

An access charge of $390.92 and a consumption charge of $3.31 per kilolitre.



Domestic waste management charges

Vacant Land - $40.25 per annum
A 240 litre bin weekly collection service - $227.60 per annum.


Non-domestic waste management charges

A 240 litre bin weekly collection service - $227.60 per annum.