Local Museums

Oberon Museum Sign


The local museums in Oberon proudly display the district’s history. All the museums boast a great number of interesting exhibits. In town is the Military Museum, the Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway Museum and the Oberon and District Museum.


Oberon and District Museum

The Oberon and District Museum was established in 1989. It holds an interesting and varied collection of artifacts and memorabilia, including a 3D model of the township as it was in the 1930s. It has a functioning blacksmith’s shop, an array of old farming equipment and a very old, Oberon weatherboard cottage (circa 1887) with furniture filled rooms depicting how life was lived in those early years. There is also a huge array of photos, as well as an extensive collection of local family history.

Entry Fee: $5 per person or $12 per family.

Opening Hours: Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 10.30am to 12.30pm. Other times by appointment.

Address: Corner of Lowes Mount Road and Scotia Ave: entry via Scotia Avenue.

Contact: oberonmuseum@gmail.com or phone the Secretary on 0418 671 754


Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway Museum (OTHR)

Visit the Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway precinct to see the historic station, fascinating memorabilia and the rolling stock, some of which has been painstakingly restored by the railway enthusiasts who make up Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway Inc (OTHR). This group of dedicated volunteers is working towards bringing Oberon’s rail history back to life by restoring the Oberon-Tarana branch line and running trains similar to those in service on the railway in days gone by.

Entry Fee: $5 per person.

Opening Hours: First Saturday of every month from 10am - 2pm. Other times by appointment.

Address: Oberon Railway Station, North Street.

Contact: admin@othr.com.au or phone on 0437 389 684


Military Museum 

The Oberon Military Museum houses an array of weapons from World War 1 to the present. Also on display are medals and various items used by our Australian Armed Forces. Various other items used by the Australian Armed Forces are also on display. Outside the museum stands The Light Horse, created by local talented artist and sculptor, Harrie Fasher.

Entry Fee: Free Admission.

Opening Hours: Wednesdays and Fridays 12pm - 4pm. Saturdays and Public Holidays 10am - 4pm. Other times by appointment.

Address: Corner of Oberon and Dudley street.

Contact: 0438 6156 53 or 0408 610 848