Stock Control


'Livestock' includes but is not limited to; horses, cattle, sheep, goats and deer.

Stray Livestock on Public Roads

In the event of stray livestock on public road and Council land please contact Councils Animal Control Officer on 6329 8153 or after hours on 0427  773 907.

Can my animals be impounded by the council?

Under the Local Government Act (1993) a council may impound any animal found straying or at large on any highway or on any land owned by, or under the control of, the council.

Individuals should contact the Animal Control Officer for further details on 6329 8153 during business hours.

What if stock has strayed onto my property?

Please refer to the Impounding Act 1993 or alternatively contact the Animal Control Officer. Impounding Act 1993


Keeping chickens in a backyard is permitted but please be a responsible owner.

Council advises against keeping roosters as they can become a nuisance to other residents due to the associated noise.

The Department of Primary Industries has information available on keeping backyard poultry. 


Bees maybe kept but it is important hives are managed responsibly according to guidelines.

Before engaging in beekeeping, it is recommended that you consult with your neighbours. 

For further information please contact Department of Primary Industries -  Department of Primary Industries