Lost Cat or Dog

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My cat or dog is missing - what do I need to do?

If your cat or dog has been missing for more than 72 hours, you must notify your local council within 24 hours. If your dog is a restricted dog or a declared dangerous or menacing dog and it is missing, you must notify your local council within 24 hours of your first noticing that your dog has gone missing.

Your local council will change the status of your cat or dog on the NSW Companion Animals Register to 'missing', which will lock the microchip record until your cat or dog is found or has returned home. This will prevent a person who is claiming to be your cat or dog's owner, for example, where it has been stolen, from transferring ownership.

It is important to confirm with your local council that your contact details are correct when you report your cat or dog as missing, so that you can be contacted when your cat or dog is found.

You should consider contacting local vets and approved animal welfare organisations, to check if a cat or dog with your cat or dog's microchip number or matching your cat or dog's description has been found.