Lifetime Registration

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As a requirement of the NSW Companion Animals Act, all dogs and cats over six months of age must be lifetime registered. 

Microchipping and lifetime registration is a two-part process which enables dogs and cats to be recorded on the NSW Companion Animals Register. This Register is used by Council and links to the NSW Pet Registry, which can be accessed directly by the pet owner.  

You can create a profile for you and your pet online at NSW Pet Registry

Here, you can update your address and contact details, claim an existing pet, change ownership of your pet and pay most lifetime registration fees online.  

However, if help is needed to lifetime register your pet please contact or visit Oberon Council. The NSW Companion Animals Register is administered by all NSW councils on behalf of the State Government.  

It is a requirement that all dogs and cats are identified with a microchip by 12 weeks of age or prior to the animal being sold or given away, whichever occurs first.” 

Pet owners should be aware that their cat or dog needs to be microchipped by 12 weeks of age and then also lifetime registered at six months. A penalty notice can be issued for failing to lifetime register your animal or for failing to notify Council when your details have changed. This includes updating details if the animal changes address, changes ownership, goes missing or dies. 

If a pet or pet owner’s circumstances change, information must be provided in writing to Council or updated on the NSW Pet Registry by the owner within: 

14 days of any change to the registration details, that is if a pet owner moves or changes phone numbers or a dog or cat is adopted by someone else  

28 days of the dog or cat dying  

Four days if the dog or cat going missing  

Lifetime registration in NSW is a one-off payment and payment can be completed at Council’s administration office 137-139 Oberon Street Oberon.