Oberon Council Cemeteries

Oberon Council manages seven cemeteries.

Oberon Council has maintained the Cemeteries Register since 1968. 

There are many unmarked and unknown grave sites within the grounds of the cemeteries Oberon Council manages. Of note, some graves date back to the 1800’s and are of historical significance.

To purchase a plot at one of the Cemeteries Oberon Council manages, please direct your enquiry to Oberon Council.

Further information on location, access and interments at these cemeteries can be found at:

www.interment.net(link is external)
www.australiancemeteries.com.au(link is external)

Interment List

Oberon Council has interment lists for both public and private cemeteries in the Oberon Local Government area.

These lists can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

The surnames are listed in alphabetical order.  To search, go to Edit and select Find, or click "Ctrl" and "F" together.

Interment List - Public Cemeteries (last updated 23 March 2019)(XLSX, 204KB)

Interment List - Private Cemeteries(XLS, 377KB)

National Library of Australia - Australian cemetery records

Australian cemetery records | National Library of Australia (nla.gov.au)

Family history and genealogy

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