MEDIA RELEASE - 7 June 2024

Published on 07 June 2024


Stromlo Energy Perceived Consultation 

After days of rumours about poor behaviour during community consultations for the proposed Pines Windfarm, I have spoken with a reliable person who provided first-hand information about a practice which I find completely unacceptable. 

This landowner was asked directly by a representative of Stromlo Energy if they would accept a wind tower on their private land. 

The answer was no. But that is not the point! 

Stromlo Energy has a remit from the Forestry Corporation to conduct investigations relating to the Windfarm within the State Forests and consultation with those landholders who are near neighbours of the possible development. 

Forestry Corporation has confirmed it has issued Permits to investigate the feasibility of renewable energy projects (and specifically wind farms) in the softwood plantation in State Forests. 

Foresty has advised that each renewable energy company has commenced engagement with near neighbours and other stakeholders in the community. At this early stage, these conversations will be quite wide ranging. Forestry Corporation expects each renewable energy company to be up front and transparent in the engagement including, for example, connection to grid within and outside of the plantations. 

I have spoken with a senior representative of Stromlo Energy and voiced concern that utilising State Agency permits to conduct private negotiations is not part of this process. That representative thought their practice was appropriate, however I do not agree. I expect many others will feel the same as I do. 

This is a poor start to Community Consultation by Stromlo Energy. 

I encourage anyone who is considering entering into negotiations of any kind to seek independent legal advice prior to signing any document. 

Representatives from Stromlo Energy have contacted me and sought a meeting next week to clarify what Council considers appropriate. I will provide further updates following that meeting. 

Mark Kellam