MEDIA RELEASE - 14 June 2024

Published on 14 June 2024


Stromlo/Tag Energies – The Pines Project and further consultation

Yesterday afternoon I met with representatives from Stromlo/Tag Energies to discuss previous concerns I had received from the community regarding how initial representation from the group had been portrayed within the community.

At the meeting I indicated that at no time was Council informed that projects were being considered beyond the parameters of the previously defined State Forest Land and I made that very clear in our conversation. Stromlo in response indicated that they are simply in the investigation phase of the project and that at no time are they looking to sign up landowners outside the state forest remit. Their questioning is an attempt to seek (if interested) external partners to the potential project and further if not interested look at ways to minimise impacts on that landowner when developing the project.

The discussion with Stromlo was productive and open. Stromlo acknowledged the concerns raised by Council and indicated that they look at the way further consultation is conducted.

A letter has been drafted to the Foresty Minister stating Council’s concern regarding the apparent scope creep in this project.

It is understood that the consultation process undertaken by Stromlo (on behalf of Forestry Corporation) will continue with the first public consultation sessions occurring at the Black Springs Hall on Thursday 20 June and Saturday 22 June followed by sessions in Oberon on Thursday 25 July and Saturday 27 July.

Council looks forward to Stromlo and Forestry Corporation discharging its responsibility to engage in upfront and ongoing consultation with the community.


Mark Kellam