Published on 04 November 2022

The following Media Release has been provided by Jemena and contains important information for Oberon Residents.

Gas supply update: Jemena to shut off current Oberon gas supply for safety reasons.

For safety reasons, Jemena needs to interrupt the supply of gas to customers in Oberon within the next 24 hours. This will impact all gas customers in Oberon except for Oberon Hospital, life support and other customers Jemena has classified as vulnerable. We acknowledge and apologise for the disruption to our customers, particularly in current weather conditions.
Until now, many Oberon residents have been able to use the gas remaining in their local network despite the gas supply incident on the APA Young to Lithgow pipeline which has interrupted supply to surrounding areas.
However, Jemena expects that there will not be enough gas pressure in the local network for it to operate safely within the next 24 hours which will require the supply of gas to Oberon to be interrupted.
We will prioritise ensuring the continued supply of gas to critical Oberon facilities, including the local hospital and other care facilities, until the gas pressure drops below critical levels.
We acknowledge the challenges for the local community, particularly with current weather conditions, and we ask customers to check on loved ones, neighbours and friends.
Information about gas outages is available at
At this stage, with challenges posed by flood conditions, APA has not yet been able to provide a timeframe for repairs to the Young to Lithgow pipeline. Once this takes place, Jemena will be in a position to provide more certainty about when gas will be restored to Oberon, Lithgow and Wallerawang residents.
If you have safety concerns, please reach out to us on 131 909 or in an emergency, phone 000.
Safety advice
Fire and Rescue NSW advises:
• Outdoor cookers, BBQs and heaters, particularly those with charcoal beads, give off poisonous Carbon Monoxide gas and should never be used inside homes.
• Petrol-powered pumps, outdoor heaters or generators should not be used indoors due to the dangerous CO gases that are produced.
• Carbon Monoxide is a colourless, tasteless and odourless gas that can build up in rooms and overwhelm people without warning, leading to death.
• Don’t risk your safety or that of your loved ones, keep them safe by leaving outdoor heat sources outside.
Jemena advises:
• Please do not touch the gas infrastructure at your property (including meters and valves).
• Please switch off your gas appliances.
• When the gas has been safely re-established to your area, Jemena will visit your property to perform a check and let you know it is safe. If you are not home, we will leave a calling card advising you of next steps.


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