Published on 07 November 2022


Today along with the Deputy Mayor and General Manager I met with representatives from the Australian Pipeline Authority (APA) and Jemena to discuss the way ahead in restoring gas supplies to Oberon.

The representatives of the two organisations advised us that by the end of this week supplementary supplies of gas will be trucked into a temporary storage tank and then into the pipeline which will allow gas to be restored on a priority basis to customers.

Furthermore by the end of next week APA expect to have a temporary pipeline in operation, which will allow gas to be restored to all customers.  This is a significantly better outcome for our community, than was evident five days ago.

Federal Member for Calare, Andrew Gee MP also visited Oberon today to understand first-hand the impact of the gas outage on the Oberon community. We appreciate his support and that of local member the Hon Paul Toole MP at this time.

Anyone who has any particular special needs should contact the Community Engagement representative from Jemena who has now temporarily relocated to Oberon to assist local customers in prioritising the return of gas services. He is contactable by calling the Oberon Council Administration Office on 02 6329 8100 during business hours.

Temporary showers are available at the Oberon Showground and residents are advised that additional showers are being sourced and are anticipated to be available at the Oberon Recreation Ground from tomorrow.

I have found it really heart warming to see how our community is looking after one another at this time and how resilient our community is. Keep up the good work.

Mayor Mark Kellam

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