Council Meeting Update - May 2024 - Clr Trembath

Published on 29 May 2024


The May Council meeting was opened in prayer at 5:30pm by Clr McKechnie

The gallery was a full house on the night with presentations from Central West Forestry Hub and Mr Robert Snotch, Chair, Oberon Against Wind Towers (OAWT).

The Central West presentation was based on a report published in 2023 regarding the size of the industry with Oberon LGA selected as a case study and it covered production, economic, employment and social aspects of the industry.  The report is available here - CWFH-Socio-economic-Impact-Study-Report_Final_231221.pdf and the actual presentation here - PowerPoint Presentation (

Mr Snotch (OAWT) presented a heritage report commissioned by OAWT and requested an Interim Heritage Order (IHO) be placed on the Anzac Avenue of Trees at O’Connell to protect the trees as the transport of the Paling Yards wind turbines will require pruning and pinning to enable the Over Size Over Mass vehicles (OSOM) to pass through. The request was taken on Notice with Clr Hayden’s motion supported by Clr Trembath that the IHO be considered as Urgent Business not successful as Councillors did not have the Heritage report from OAWT or the clarity on how an IHO on the trees in the Heritage Conservation Area could be implemented.  A further report will be provided to Council.

There were two notices of motion by Clr McCarthy.

The first motion requested ‘’Council support the construction of a link road or extension of Herborn Street in the new Land Use Study (LUS) when it is undertaken”.  After discussion and debate the motion was amended to ‘’That Oberon Council consider the extension of Herborn Street in the next Land Use Strategy’’.

The second motion for Council to write to the planning minister to seek approval to return to paper based development application lodgements was not successful.  The planning portal is causing many Councils, including Oberon, to employ additional staff to manage the administrative burden when Council’s planning team’s key objective is to assess applications as quickly as possible being cognisant of building costs, skills, and supply shortages.  The motion was not successful as returning to paper would incur additional administrative work within the planning team to input applications on behalf of the community.  The Planning Department and Minister at recent meetings have acknowledged the issues and advised the GM and Mayor that a new digital transformation team has been put in place to fix the portal and assist with clearing the large backlog within the portal. 

13.4 The Oberon Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy will be on exhibition for a period of 28 days seeking community input.   The strategy has been developed to be grant ready for any funding that may become available as Oberon currently only has two public charging locations – one at the VIC that is for Tesla cars only and two at the RSL that are not suitable for Tesla - and Council wanting to take advantage of an EV tourism market that makes travel decisions based on EV charger availability. You can view the document here - Oberon Council's Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy | Have Your Say Oberon (

13.8 Playground Risk Assessment Report. The Technical Services team assessed our 16 parks with playground equipment and made a difficult recommendation for 6 of the parks, as listed, to have dangerous play equipment removed as the assessment had revealed damaged, worn and dangerous equipment and a decommissioning cost of $81,000.  The estimated cost to renew/refurbish three (3) playgrounds over FY2025/26 and 2027/28 would be $300,000 and would require exploring funding opportunities.

  • Miss Wilson
  • Glyndwr Avenue (North)
  • Glyndwr Avenue (South)
  • Bligh Street
  • Buckley Crescent
  • Armstrong Place

Clr Tucker moved an amendment for a further report and feasibility costing for retaining and repair of the currently 6 non-compliant playgrounds against current standards be presented to another Council meeting.

The following decisions were made:-

13.1 DA 10.2024.9.1 – Farm Shed, 2 Langs Road, Essington was considered and the recommendation to vary Part A.4.3 – Building Setback from Roads of its current DCP 2001 was endorsed.

13.2 DA 10.2019.25.2 Modification to enclose the rear of the existing fitness centre, 1-11 Cunynghame Street Oberon recommendation was endorsed.

13.3 The Council Red Fleet Assets recommendation that Council recognises Red Fleet assets in the compilation of the 2023-24 Annual Financial statements was endorsed.

13.5 Prioritisation of Capital Works for Footpaths Construction recommendation was amended by Clr Tucker to include separately a specific allocation of the legacy TI of $46,973.45, to specific footpath projects, at the June meeting.

13.6 The Kerb and Gutter Capital Works Allocations for 2024-2025 recommendation was endorsed.

13.7 The Water Filling Stations Project recommendation to provide additional funding of $42000 from the Water Fund Reserve to supply and install three insulated cages and install the remaining two Water Filling Stations at O’Connell and Black Springs was deferred with an amendment by Clr McKechnie for a report to be provided for alternate funding sources and confirmation of specifications of cage design.

13.9 The Oberon Common Footpath Extension recommendation to be included in the 24/25 Operational Plan was amended by Clr McCarthy  to use unallocated funds from the Rail Crossings Internal Reserve and when exhausted from the TI Fund for construction from Curtis Street to the Link Path at the Common in the Masterplan and seconded by Clr McKechnie.  Indicative additional funds from the TI Fund would be approx. $37000.

13.10 Central NSW Joint Organisation ‘Our Placemat’ Project was endorsed by all Councillors.


In Confidential the following Reports were considered

16.1 The Tender Comprehensive Land Use Strategy 2041.  Council resolved to defer a decision until the June 2024 meeting.

16.2 Water Assessment Write Off 12368376 was considered and the decision was made that Council defer a decision pending further information from Council staff.

16.3 Water Write Off Request Assessment 1236500 was considered, and the decision was made that Council do not write of the water consumption charges and instead offer a payment plan for full cost recovery.

16.4 The Entering into Contract for Bridge Capacity Assessments was accepted and Council accept and sign a Contract with Integrity Testing for Bridge Capacity Assessments; and advise the Central NSW Joint Organisation of its decision.

16.5 Entering into Contracts for Supply and Delivery of Bitumen Emulsion was accepted and Council sign a Contract with Bitupave Limited; and advise the Central NSW Joint organisation of its decision.

16.6 Entering into Contracts for the Supply Delivery and or Installation of Guard Rail and Wire Rope Safety Fencing was accepted, and Council accept and sign a Contract with RBK Pty Limited (trading as Top Notch Fencing)

16.7 Clarification of Section 356 Requests.  Council supported the recommendations within the report.

16.8 Request for Land.  Council noted the report and endorsed the recommendations outlined in the report.


The meeting closed at 11:04pm

All meetings are also available via zoom and recorded and available on the Council website.