Community Update - Emergency Road Works

Published on 10 July 2024


Members of the community may have noticed road repairs to some of our roads listed below.

Emergency road works were carried out on roads affected by natural disasters in early April 2024. These works are temporary fixes aimed at ensuring road safety. Further repairs for preexisting damage will be conducted under the Council’s maintenance program.

The heavy storm event in early April 2024 caused significant damage to Council roads and bridges. Fish River Bridge and Abercrombie River Bridge were inundated with debris due to river overflow. Nunan’s Hill Road experienced a landslip, and there was major scouring on many gravel roads and damage to the sealed road network.

The storm event was declared a natural disaster for the Oberon local government area, prompting Council to undertake emergency repairs to its damaged gravel road infrastructure. Council staff will inspect damaged roads and bridges and seek funding for repairs to Council infrastructure.

Emergency repair works have been undertaken on gravel roads and is funded by Transport for NSW (TfNSW). The objective of this funding is to provide temporary repairs to ensure the structural integrity of gravel roads and prevent further deterioration.

Emergency works were carried out on Mount Olive Road, Bastards Point Road, Chatham Valley Road, Mozart Road, Murrays Lane, and Isabella Road. Emergency works are ongoing in June 2024.

Repairs to sealed roads and bridges will occur as TfNSW approves funding for each case submitted by Council.


The Fish River bridge on Hazelgrove Road was inundated with flood water causing damage.


Scouring of gravel on Carlwood Road due to a storm event was repaired under Emergency Works funding.


Severe scouring of drains causing failure of road pavement along Burraga Road.