What can Council's Officers do to enforce the legislation?

Council is the authority responsible for implementing the Companion Animals legislation in the Oberon Shire.

Council’s officers have a range of powers to deal with the breaches of the Companion Animals Act as they occur. They can require the names and addresses of the people whom they reasonably suspect may have breached the Act. Council’s Rangers are also empowered to seize an animal that is stray or prevent injury to a person or another animal or damage to property.

Council’s officers also have a range of powers to deal with ongoing problems. These include the issue of Nuisance Orders and the issue of Dangerous Dog Declarations. In this way Council can declare a dog dangerous or menacing if an attacked or threat of attack has occurred.  The owners of dogs that have been declared menacing or dangerous must comply with strict conditions for the control and restraint of the animal. 

Oberon Council