On-Site Waste Water Disposal

Most premises outside of the sewered area of the Oberon township require an on-site waste water disposal system to dispose of liquid wastes in an environmentally acceptable manner. A typical installation for a single dwelling would comprise a house drainage system (Australian Standard 3500), a septic tank and absorption trench. The proposed work must be approved by Council prior to construction. To do so the designer must prepare a design report and application in accordance with either of the following:

  • Australian Standard 1547-1994, or
  • Australian Standard 1547-2000, or
  • The On-Site Waste Water Disposal Guidelines.

The designer typically needs to consider:

  • Soil Type
  • Disposal Site - aspect, proximity to water courses, and adjoining premises
  • Altitude - snow fall
  • Pan Evaporation Data and Rainfall
  • System Design Loads

The Council's Development Department employ Environmental Health Officers and Building Surveyors who are qualified to assess reports, issue consent and carry out site and construction inspections of on-site waste water disposal systems. The Council accepts designs from appropriately qualified, insured and experienced:

  • Environmental Health Officers
  • Building Surveyors
  • Waste Water Engineers
  • Licenced Drainers/Plumbers

All drainage work must be done by licenced drainers.

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