Public Exhibition - Timber/Bark Processing and Landscape Supply Facility

Development: 10.2019.43.1 – Timber/Bark Processing and Landscape Supply Facility
Applicant: BORG Plantations C/- Sam Coles Borg Plantations
Consent Authority: Oberon Council (Western Joint Regional Planning Panel)
Address: 24 & 26 Endeavour Street OBERON & 68 Hawken Street OBERON 
Lot/DP: Part Lot 33 & Lot 34 in DP 1228591 & Lot 18 in DP 1249431
Description: The proposal consists of a Bark/Timber Processing and Landscape Supply Facility which will process up to 99,000 tonnes per annum of wood material, primarily pine bark residuals, sawdust and pallets from Borg Manufacturing’s nearby Oberon MDF Manufacturing Facility. The facility is proposed to focus on producing landscape materials, with a focus on quality horticultural mulches for gardens and landscaping. 
Council is in receipt of an application for a proposed Timber/Bark Processing and Landscape Supply Facility at the abovementioned premises. The development has been identified as being Designated Development within Schedule 3 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation 2000 and Integrated Development within Section 4.46 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. 
The development application and associated documents, including the environmental impact statement may be inspected at the Oberon Council Office, 137-139 Oberon Street OBERON between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday. Alternatively, the documents will be available online for viewing at the Oberon Council website: or through the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. The notification period ends at 5.00pm on Sunday, 25 August 2019. 
Any person during the specified notification period may make written submissions to the consent authority concerning the development application. If a submission is made by way of objection, the grounds of objection must be specified in the submission. 
Any person who makes a submission by way of objection, and who is dissatisfied with the determination of the consent authority to grant development consent may appeal to the Land and Environment Court. 
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