Public Exhibition - Development Application 10.2014.70.1 for a 49 lot subdivision

Oberon Council is in receipt of a development application (DA 10.2014.70.1) for a 49 lot subdivision on land located at 175 Titania Road, Oberon. The application has been lodged by Chris O’Neill on behalf of Mr C and Mrs V O'Neill.  The subject land is formally identified as Lot 1 in DP 1089826 175 Titania Road, Oberon.

Written submissions are invited in relation to this proposal and will close on Tuesday 20 February 2018. For further information please contact the Oberon Council's Planning and Development Department on 02 6329 8100.

Correspondence from CEH Survey - 10.2014.70.1

Statement of Environment Effects - 10.2014.70.1

Plan of Subdivision - 10.2014.70.1