Development Control Plan

The Development Control Plan can be downloaded below.  The specific sections of the document are detailed here for reference:

General - Introduction Part A - Rural Development - Rural 1(a) Zone
Part B - Subdivision
Part C - Residential Development 2(v) zone
Part D - Commercial and Industrial Development
Part E - Advertising and Signage
Part F - Vehicle Circulation and Parking
Part G - Tourism
Part H - Notification - Development Control
Part I - Rural Development
Part J - Titania Park Estate
Part K - Riverdale and Llambeda 
Part L - Cunynghame Park Estate
Part M - Complying Development
Part N - Exempt Development, Not Applicable: Please refer to State Environmental Planning Policy.
Part O - Wind Power Generation 2003
Part P - Tasman Estate

Contact Details

Oberon Council Planning and Development Department



DCP - Introduction and General Information

DCP - Part A

DCP - Part B

DCP - Part C

DCP - Part D

DCP - Part E

DCP - Part F

DCP - Part G

DCP - Part H

DCP - Part I

DCP - Part J

DCP - Part K

DCP - Part L

DCP - Part M

DCP - Part N

DCP - Part O

DCP - Part P

Final Whole Development Control Plan 2001-2010 September