Upper Macquarie County Council Media Release - Aerial Weed Spraying Program delayed

With the exceptionally dry weather conditions being encountered at the moment the start of the Upper Macquarie County Council Autumn Aerial Weed Spraying Program has been delayed. 

The Upper Macquarie County Council conducts two aerial spraying campaigns each year in, Autumn and Spring. These programs primarily target weeds such as blackberry and serrated tussock and have been successful and very beneficial for the landholders and residents of the region.  

“It is unfortunate that we currently have a long spell of dry weather” said Upper Macquarie County Council Chairman, Councillor Iain North. “As a result of the prolonged dry weather we are delaying the start of the Autumn program.”  

“With the dry weather the target weeds go into a dormancy state so the benefits of spraying are lessened at this time. In addition to this there are other concerns to spraying at present including good water for the spraying process plus the impact that the clearing of the weeds will have on all vegetation cover and soil condition” said Councillor North.

“We are hoping for a change in conditions over the next couple of weeks that will bring about better conditions for the aerial spraying program to commence.”  

“Should Landholders wish to register or who would like more information about the spraying program then please contact the UMCC office on 6338 2875” concluded Councillor North.  

More information on biosecurity weed threats and their control can be found on at umcc.nsw.gov.au