The meeting was opened in prayer by Pastor Jo Korman and closed at 8.40pm.

Highlights from the meeting as follows:-

Code of Meeting Practice - Pastor Jo presented on behalf of the local church leaders to keep the prayer and the retention of the prayer was endorsed and adopted by a majority of Councillors.  Future meetings will be opened with a prayer provided by a roster of clergy from the community.

The Street Tree Masterplan - Has been on display for public review and comment with only one submission received praising the cold climate plan that focuses on key streets and town entrances. The plan was endorsed and adopted by Council.

Reconnecting Regional NSW Community Events Program Grant - $25million - Council will be applying to a dedicated allocation of $239,651  (calculated on the size of our LGA) for Oberon to host community events and festivals and our community organisations will be encouraged to also apply for funding to run events along with a range of Council events and festivals that will reinvigorate and promote the social reconnection and economic recovery of our community.  

Key Dates for RRCEP Grant Money:

  • Council Grant Submission -  24 June 2022
  • Community group applications to Council required by 30 May 2022. 
  • All events and festivals have to be held by 31 March 2023. 

Grants - Congratulations to the library staff who submitted a grant application to the Public Library Infrastructure Grant Round on Council’s behalf and successfully achieving a grant of $120000 for the Community Hub fit out project.  

Development Applications - Three development applications were considered and approved at 81 Albion Street, 4 Bligh Street and 924 Duckmaloi Road, Oberon.

O’Connell Recreation Ground - The irrigation design for the ground has been finalised and Council staff are now preparing a request for quotation to a number of local providers for the supply and installation of the recommended irrigation system.  Further updates will be provided on the progress and stages of development.

All meetings are available via Zoom and recorded.

Councillor Lauren Trembath