Thank you Oberon, I have been advised that MPS staff conducted one hundred and fifty five COVID-19 tests yesterday.
The testing site, located at 27/29 Albion Street Oberon is open from 10am until 4pm today (Thursday). I offer a huge thanks to the team who within a very short time established the drive through testing clinic so efficiently, an incredible effort.…this includes Council staff, SES Volunteers, Oberon Police and of course the amazing group of health professionals from the MPS. NSW Health will test Oberon Sewerage again on Friday.
I would like to clarify that community testing is not available at the MPS whilst the Albion Street testing unit is operational. Under the current circumstances, if you are showing even the mildest of symptoms and are unable to attend the testing facility due to lack of transport, please contact your doctor or Service NSW Covid Info Line - 13 77 88.
I am still working to find a solution for those that are not showing symptoms and are unable to attend the the testing site due to lack of transport. Please contact me should you find yourself in this position - 0428 543 693.
I can confirm that Live Better Transport in Oberon are unfortunately unable to assist in transporting residents to the testing facility due to the risk posed to the volunteer drivers should a positive test be identified.
Vaccination rates continue to increase in Oberon……Please consider vaccination, this weekend Oberon Pharmacy is offering Moderna, no appointment necessary.
Vaccination by appointment is available at the Oberon Medical Centre 6336 1505
Council continues to communicate with NSW Health in relation to a Vaccination Hub for Oberon.
Please get tested and consider vaccination, which offers protection not only for yourself but for your family, friends and community. We all want life to get back to normal and this is the best way to achieve that goal. Thank you to those already fully vaccinated - I encourage everyone to share the load. If you have concerns or questions in relation to any aspect of vaccination please speak with your GP, the Internet/Social Media may not be your best source of information.
Stay safe everyone.
Clr Kathy Sajowitz - Mayor