Councillors, Management and Staff of Oberon Council are deeply saddened by the passing of former Councillor Jill Evans on 15 September 2017 after a battle with cancer.

Councillor Evans was elected to Council on 18 September 2012 and due to her health was unable to stand for re-election at the recent Local Government Election.

During her time on Council, Councillor Evans served on the Community Services Committee, Finance Committee, Performance Review Committee, Australia Day Working Party and the Common Working Party. Jill was also a delegate to the Oberon Correctional Centre Community Consultative Committee, The Oberon Timber Complex Consultative Committee and the Union Fenosa Pre DA Community Consultative Committee.

Jill had a passion for continued improvements at the Common and was actively involved with the Oberon Library. She was also well known for her love of animals and campaigned to ensuring owners were aware of their obligations.

Despite Jill’s declining health she continued to serve as a Councillor as she was able throughout the last twelve months. She will be remembered for her positive attitude, willingness to lend a hand and her unwavering commitment to Oberon. 

Our thoughts are with Jill’s husband Laurie at this time.