Rural Aid and the Farm Army are coming to Oberon

 During the week 7th to 12th April, Rural Aid and a group of its Farm Army Volunteers from all over Australia will be descending on Oberon to lend a hand. They will be providing manpower and skills to assist local community Groups with projects.  Some of the volunteers will be helping farmers on their farms.
Rural Aids General Manager Wayne Thomson is very excited with the Charities new Community based Program. “We can see that by focusing on the community holistically we can have a great impact on residents and farmers. “
Council is supporting this visit by gathering requests from farmers for assistance on their properties and ideas for small scaled community based projects. 
Please provide a list of the jobs or projects you would like the volunteers to work on during the visit, including the equipment that will need to be used. The Farm Army will then determine which jobs they will undertake and match the volunteer skills with the jobs.  
Contact Lynette Safranek at Oberon Council on 6329 8123 for a confidential discussion or email to register your jobs or ideas prior to 
24 February 2019.