Reduction in State Government Library Funding

Thursday 27 March 2014
Release: Calling All Library Lovers


Libraries are often the most well-used and valued public facilities in the community, but the ability of Oberon Council to maintain service levels may be at risk due to deteriorating State funding, according to Lynette Safranek, Finance & Community Services Director.

“Expenditure on public libraries from the state has decreased as a proportion of total public library expenditure from 23% in 1980 to only 7% in 2013. This has and will continue to impact on the ability of local libraries to meet the needs of their communities”.

This is an historic issue that has now reached a crisis point.
The Library is seeking the support of all Library lovers in the Oberon area.  They need as many signatures as possible on a petition requesting increased and sustainable Library funding to be tabled in the Lower House of the State Government.

“Our local public Library plays a very important part in our community life. Libraries bring people together, facilitate learning, connect us with information and ideas and provide a wonderful source of recreational pleasure. There is no doubt libraries improve the quality of life of everyone who uses them”, said Library Officer Eilagh Rurenga.

The petition is available for signing at the Oberon Council Library and Council’s Administration Office.

The Library also wants to identify local Library champions to assist them in the state-wide campaign to highlight the funding crisis and the need for a more sustainable funding model for public libraries from the State Government. Please contact Eilagh Rurenga on 6329 8221 for more information about how you can help or visit .