Oberon Youth Council 2017

We would like introduce members of the 2017 Oberon Youth Council.
Back Row; Ella Brien, Paige Simpson, Tyler Stamos, Lydia Sinclair, Lisa Safranek, Dean Jones, Brooklyn Hotham & Jess Maclure. 
Front Row; Reace Vavasour, Luke McFarlane & Jennifer Oneil.









Luke McFarlane was nominated and voted in as the Youth Mayor for 2017. Luke has been a Youth Councillor for almost 2 years.  Lisa Safranek was also nominated and voted in as the Youth Media Coordinator.  Lisa has been a Youth Councillor for 3 years and was a founding member of the OYC.
The aims of the Oberon Youth Council are to voice the opinions and concerns of young people in Oberon to the Oberon Council, raise awareness of health, well-being and safety issues that affect the young people of Oberon; and to develop a sense of citizenship in the young people of Oberon by developing an appreciation of and involvement in community projects.

We look forward to a busy but great year with this dynamic team.

Please contact Council’s Community Services Coordinator, Kathy Beesley on 6329 8156 for further information if you are interested in becoming a member of the Oberon Youth Council.