Oberon Pool Complex, Proposed Roof

Oberon Council are proposing to construct a roof over the Oberon Swimming Pool Complex.

The proposal as seen in the accompanying plans seeks to construct a roof over the main pool, wading and junior pool in planning to lengthen the current swim season.

The current swim season is from November to March and it is expected the roof will enable the Swimming Pool Complex to be open from October to April, and also for extended hours during warmer periods.

It is NOT proposed to develop a 24 hour, all year round AQUATIC CENTRE.

In the Oberon Community Strategic Plan 2013 the need for a roof cover was considered to be a high priority and Council has committed in excess of $300,000 to undertake the project.

In the future there may be the opportunity to “fully enclose” the side walls of the structure to allow for temporary enclosure of the main pool and other areas.

Written submissions were invited as part of the Development Application process and closed on 13 January 2014.


Further feedback and comments on these proposals can be made to Gary Wallace, Planning and Development Director, 6329 8100.


Oberon Swimming Complex Pool Roof Plans 2014.pdf (PDF) (1.8 MB)