Oberon Fire and Rescue - Recruitment of Retained Firefighters

Oberon Fire and Rescue are looking for new recruits for the positions of Retained Firefighters. 

In this role you will provide a high standard of response to fire and emergency situations. Undertake fire fighting and station duties including attendance at emergency scenes, use of specialised vehicles and equipment and take all measures to prevent and reduce the risk of fire and potential loss to life and property. Work closely with the local community to increase fire safety awareness. 

This role will involve: 
•    Preparedness and ability to attend fire and emergency situations
•    Ability to work effectively within a team environment and interact with other emergency services. 
•    Ability to maintain a level of physical fitness commensurate with the position 
•    Willingness to successfully undertake mandatory and other skills training. 
•    Live or work within a reasonable distance from the fire station
•    Hold a current NSW Drivers Licence with a good driving record.
•    Australian citizenship or permanent resident or NZ citizenship

The Challenges in this role are: 
•    Containing fire scenes. 
•    Careful and correct use of specialised equipment. 
•    Taking all available steps to reduce the risk of injury or loss to life and property. 
•    Adhering to all legislative and procedural requirements. 

The Benefits of this role are:
•    Receive a qualification in Basic Life Support
•    Upgrade licence to Medium Rigid after training, practice and examination
•    Continued benefits of working in a respected team of firefighters
•    A sense of community spirit in being a member of Fire & Rescue NSW
•    FRNSW training in teamwork, work, health and safety practices, fire safety and prevention provide transferable skills in the workplace and employers will benefit from the confidence our retained firefighters gain responding to fires and emergency incidents.

  Hourly Rate Base Level Retainer per fortnight
Recruit Retained Firefighter $28.21 $66.63
Retained Firefighter $31.73 $66.63


If you are interested in becoming a Firefighter, please fill out the below Application Form and return to Fire and Rescue Bathurst 2/114 Piper Street Bathurst NSW 2795 or for further information please contact Fire and Rescue Bathurst office on 02 6331 6372.


Retained Firefighters Application Form

Retained Firefighters Information Guide