Oberon Council News - Thursday 11 February 2016

Nectar Farms are investing a total of $116 million to bring a staged 3 year project to Oberon. The company plans to roll out a series of glasshouse projects delivering high yield premium hydroponic vine crops including tomatoes, eggplant and capsicum. The launch of the project was announced nationally on Feb. 1 and the Oberon project was launched by the company on Tuesday Feb 9 at the Oberon RSL. Community consultation and information sessions will be now be facilitated by Nectar Farms details of which will be advertised. It is envisioned that at full capacity 308 direct jobs will be created along with approx 200 indirect jobs. Oberon welcomes Nectar Farms to the LGA and we look forward to a productive relationship.

252 people attended the Boundaries Commission Public Inquiry held at the Oberon Showground last week and a further 43 Oberon residents attended the second meeting held in Bathurst. Congratulations firstly to the Oberon Community for their steadfast support of the standalone position and secondly the speakers at both meetings.  I especially appreciate the commitment and confidence of our Youth Councillors three of whom spoke over the two meetings. Ms Brooks, the BC Delegate made special mention of their valuable contribution.   It was commented upon by Ms Brooks that both meetings were conducted in a courteous and respectful manner, I personally would like to congratulate you all on your demeanour despite the passion and occasional frustration evident.  Of the eighty four speakers at Oberon eighty three spoke against the proposed merger.  It must have been disappointing that so little interest was shown by Bathurst ratepayers. The registered attendees in Bathurst were mainly Councillors and staff.  No definite views were expressed but concern was high re the lack of support for Oberon from Local Member Paul Toole. Mayor Rush presented a glowing report card on Bathurst and its economic success and future direction. Much is being achieved by Bathurst to cement themselves regionally and I congratulate them, but for me the Mayors presentation primarily highlighted the differences between our two communities their aims, aspirations and values rather than highlighting any commonality.  So, where too from here? The next phase of the process is the written submissions, due by February 28th. If you need assistance or information please do not hesitate to contact council.

The annual Heritage Steam & Vintage Fair is this weekend Feb 13. The Grand Parade begins at 10am so don’t miss that. To kick off the weekend OTHR are celebrating their 10th anniversary on Friday 12th at the precinct. There is a spit roast dinner available. Let’s hope the weather is kind for this major event on the Oberon calendar.

A reminder that I am available to speak to community members every Monday at Council, please contact Sharon Swannell on 63298100 and she can assist with an appointment. If Mondays are unsuitable I am happy to accommodate an alternate day if possible.

The launch of the Central West Lifestyle Magazine autumn edition is later this month. Oberon Council along with OBTA has sponsored a stunning 45 page feature in the magazine promoting our area.

Mayor Kathy Sajowitz