Oberon Council Library News - Thursday 11 August 2016


A reminder the Oberon Health Council in conjunction with Oberon Council will be holding the launch of a new collection “Books on Prescription” at the Oberon Library on Thursday 18 August from 5.30pm. Light refreshments will be served courtesy of the Friends of the Oberon Library.

Harry Potter is back! We have a range of fantasy fiction at the Library. Some great new titles include:

HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD by Jack Thorne and endorsed by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter is back at the library! Very Harry Potter but also different from previous books, this is an easy to read play that is unique and entertaining. Harry now has three children and works in the Ministry of Magic. If you are a Potter fan this is a great read, the plot flows well and characters are well developed but make sure not to read any spoilers!

SHADOW DANCE by David Daglish

This is a series of six books starting with A dance of cloaks; if you enjoy George R.R. Martin this gritty, character-driven series will appeal to you. Following a slow start the action and intrigue never cease as each page unveils yet another twist. While the characters, the city, the politics and the magic are unpredictable, if you are tired of thieves and assassins this may not be the series for you but in a fantasy world, who can be tired of such colourful characters.


This is an expertly woven tale with great characterisation but also a tale of courage, honour and ultimate triumph. Stella weaves complex plotting with original themes using skilful prose and dialogue making a great read for fantasy fans.