Oberon Council Library News - 27 August 2015


The Library has received some great new talking books. Talking books are popular with anyone travelling by car. The Library collection is comprehensive and the addition of these titles round out the classic content of the format.

THE SECRET RIVER by Kate Grenville

Read by Paul Blackwell, this novel speaks to Australians whose ancestors arrived in colonial times. This is the story of William Thornhill who arrives in Sydney Cove in 1806 with his family who engage in the challenge of the Australian bush. Kate Grenville has a gift for descriptive writing and this book is well researched. This is a wonderful piece of historical fiction, with an engaging story that will make you want to read more by Kate Grenville.

PIANO LESSONS by Anna Goldsworthy

Anna Goldsworthy is an Australian non-fiction writer, an award-winning pianist and daughter of Peter Goldsworthy, known for novels such as Honk if you are Jesus and Three Dog Night.  This memoir gives a glimpse of the inside world of concert pianists. The narrative also explores the student/teacher relationship between a magnificent piano teacher and a determined student. This is an engrossing and charming story.

WILD SWANS by Jung Chang

This inspiring story of courage and resilience has just been released in talking book format. The true life narrative centres on the life stories of three women, a grandmother married off as concubine to a warlord, a mother raising a family in Communist China and the author who becomes a naturalised British citizen. A beautifully written book which enhances appreciation of living in a free country, this is a classic book describing one family’s experience of political upheavals during the 20th Century.