Oberon Council Library News - 2 June 2016


The Oberon Library joined schools and libraries across Australia on Wednesday 25 May in presenting National Simultaneous Storytime. A big thank you to local community member, Ian Gordon, who enthralled 72 children from Oberon Primary, St Joseph’s Primary, Burraga and Black Springs Schools, by reading I Got This Hat by Jol and Kate Temple. Council’s Library Officer, Eilagh Rurenga, read Did you take the B from my –ook? by Bec and Matt Stanton. Lots of laughs were exchanged that morning between students, teachers and Library staff. Councillor Sam Lord helped staff hand each child leaving the Library with a lovely morning tea supplied by Oberon Council.


LIFE AS I KNOW IT by Michelle Payne

Michelle Payne became the first female jockey ever to win the Melbourne Cup in 2015.  Michelle is the youngest of eleven children was six months old when her mother died. Paddy, their dad, raised his children alone, worked with racehorses, ran a dairy farm and supervised school and work. This book will lift your spirits, stir your heart and give you courage.


Jane is known from numerous TV appearances and is a talented author. This is a great read about work and motherhood with lots of anecdotes. Jane talks plainly about anxiety, challenges and feminism, getting a career back while parenting and succeeding in a male dominated world.  Asking for help can be difficult but if the question is not asked then the answer is always no. This is an engaging and enjoyable read.

TWIGGY : The high –stakes life of Andrew Forrest by Andrew Burrell

Andrew Forrest (Twiggy) went from borrowing money to save his house to a billionaire within 10 years.  Undoubtedly anyone who can do this has to be a very interesting and complex character. This unauthorised biography attempts to present a balanced view of an Australian entrepreneur who made a fortune during the mining boom. Andrew is also one of Australia’ biggest philanthropists, a capitalist and risk-taker and his life story is a worthwhile read written with insight into a convoluted and powerful man.