Oberon Council Library News - 15 October 2015


The holiday activities have been a great success with many attending sessions in the Library, Community Centre and Visitor Information Centre for cooking, craft, sapphire fossicking and plaster painting. Staff are already planning the December and January activities. The week before Christmas will see Card Marking sessions, and we are hoping to organise a movie afternoon, tenpin bowling, jewellery making and craft in January.


This is an interesting book set in the 1050’s and is of that era. Written before To Kill a Mockingbird it should not be considered a sequel but an insight into American society of the era. Our beloved Scout has grown up and is beginning to deal with the realities of adulthood. Those realities include the position of females in society and how our perspectives on our parents change as we become informed adults. Scout is no longer a tomboy but remains brave and independent, standing her ground for her beliefs. A wonderful story to be judged on its own merits.

THE TAMING OF THE QUEEN by Phillipa Gregory

Henry VIII holds a famous place in English history. His mood changed with the wind from gregarious to wrath but was he a serial killer? Kateryn Parr is the sixth wife of Henry and one mistake could see her beheaded. The pressure on her was high and her tension is well demonstrated in this book. Kateryn manages to make Henry’s court a centre of learning and bring Henry’s family together while thinking quickly to save her own life.

THE GOLDEN AGE by Joan London

Frank Gold arrives with his parents as migrants to Australia after the Second World War. Ida and Meyer Gold arrived from Hungary as refugees fleeing a war torn Europe. New Australians were made the butt of many jokes, making adjustment to the new country even more difficult. Their son Frank contracts polio and he is sent to a rehabilitation hospital impacting the whole family. The story overcomes the isolation and adversity to become an uplifting and hopeful tale in spite of the fragility of life.

GOLDEN BOYS by Sonya Hartnett

Set in the outer suburbs of Melbourne this story takes place in the time span of a few short weeks. Rex Jenson is sophisticated with an easy charm and father of two young boys. The Jenson boys enjoy a mountain of toys, attracting less affluent boys of the neighbourhood. As the story unfolds Rex shows a different side to his character. Can teasing become cruel? Can roughhousing become groping? There are many issues covered in this story including the resiliency and courage of children.