NSW Rural Fire Service Media Release - 12 January 2018

NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) Superintendent Greg Sim is urging residents and visitors to know and understand the daily Fire Danger Rating for the Bathurst, Lithgow and Oberon areas.
Fire Danger Ratings are an important indication of the potential risk posed by a bush or grass fire on a particular day. The Ratings consider elements such as temperature, humidity and dryness of the landscape.
Superintendent Sim said that Fire Danger Ratings can vary considerably across the State, so knowing which applies to the area you are in is essential.
“There are six Fire Danger Rating levels – Low/Moderate, High, Very High, Severe, Extreme and Catastrophic.
“Everybody needs to know what they will do if they are faced with a fire, both residents local to the area, but also people that may be away from home.
“Knowing the potential risk gives residents and visitors the opportunity to prepare for the onset of fire.”
“Before embarking on a trip, travellers should check the Fire Danger Rating on the NSW RFS website for the area they are in, or heading to.
“Fires can be incredibly dangerous for anyone not prepared or unaware of their surroundings, such as people camping, away on holidays or travelling in unfamiliar areas.
Superintendent Sim said everyone needs to take responsibility and prepare themselves and their families.
“People need to familiarise themselves with any area they are visiting and know what they will do and where they will go in the event of a bush or grass fire.
“It is also important to know what you will do if you are unable to leave an area, and whether there is a Neighbourhood Safer Place nearby.”
“In the event of a fire starting, it is essential that people stay up to date by monitoring the NSW RFS website or the Fires Near Me app, as well as listening to local radio for information.”
Fire Danger Ratings are updated at www.rfs.nsw.gov.au and are available by calling the Bush Fire Information Line on 1800 NSW RFS (1800 679 737).
A list of Neighbourhood Safer Places is also available on the NSW RFS website. A Neighbourhood Safer Place is a place of last resort where shelter may be sought if all other plans fail, or if it too late to put a plan in place.