During recent earthworks carried out at The Common on Thursday 28 April 2016, the presence of some naturally occurring asbestos in the soil has been identified.

This is NOT in an area which is generally used by the public. It is located on the northern escarpment of the Oberon Common.

The material is Naturally Occurring Asbestos NOT bonded asbestos (e.g. Manufactured asbestos sheeting or similar) that has been either dumped or placed on the site previously.

Safe Work NSW has visited the site. They have advised Council that the risk to nearby residents from any possible airborne fibres is extremely minimal.

Council is taking the following actions:

1.    An environmental scientist is being engaged to provide advice to Council on remedial measures.
2.    Some temporary tape fencing has been erected. More substantial fencing is commencing, and will be completed early next week.
3.    Watering of the frontage of the area along Curtis St is commencing to ensure it remains damp, to further reduce any chance of airborne fibres. This will continue until other remedial measures are implemented, or until appropriate resolution is found.
4.    Information is being issued to the public and nearby residents. Council will continue to advise nearby residents and the community of processes being put in place to mitigate this naturally occurring substance. 

For any enquiries in relation to this matter please contact Council’s Works and Engineering Director, Mr Chris Schumacher.

Gary Wallace
Acting General Manager