More of the same metro-centric infrastructure planning for Australia

Centroc Board members raised concerns at their recent meeting with the recently announced Infrastructure Australia Plan’s priorities for transport.

“When we see it’s all about managing congestion in the cities we know the infrastructure build will be all about creating more congestion in the cities,” said Mayor Kathy Sajowitz.

“Sydney is at gridlock and the new infrastructure contemplated by Infrastructure Australia is not going to solve the problem. The answer is decentralisation,” said Mayor Sajowitz.

“We hear of plans to squeeze another two or three million people into Western Sydney. The West Connex project is not going to be able to service this number of people. Moving the CBD to Parramatta won’t help either,” said Mayor Sajowitz.

“Meanwhile this region is trying to get its freight to port through the existing gridlock, then through another 2-3 million more people accessing the transport system,” said Mayor Sajowitz.

“Regional Australia needs policy settings made from the Federal level, aligned with the State then down to the Local level that gets our freight to port competitively with say Canada. We need to see Inland Rail, a safe swift link that can take High Productivity Vehicles over the Blue Mountains and better and cheaper rail freight,” said Mayor Kathy Sajowitz.