Message from Mayor Kathy Sajowitz - Road Safety this Easter

As part of a combined push to drive down a soaring road toll in NSW I am calling on local drivers to take special care on the roads this Easter. Oberon Council is working closely with the NSW Government to keep people safe on Central West roads following a doubling of the road toll over the last Christmas-New Year holiday period. Statistics from the NSW Centre for Road Safety show that each year more than two-thirds of all fatalities occur on country roads. The experts tell us that the main behavioural factors contributing to road fatalities and injuries are:

• Speeding – 42 per cent
• Illicit drugs use – 19 per cent 
• Tired drivers and riders – 18 per cent
• Drink-driving – 15 per cent, and
• Seatbelt non-usage – 12 per cent.
Please do not use your mobile phone whilst driving. One death - one serious injury is one too many. A moment’s inattention, speeding, fatigue or not realising that you are over the limit could result in a lifetime of regrets – or no life at all. I ask you all to take particular care if driving over this Easter Holiday period.