Mayoral Column Media Release - 21 February 2019

The Oberon Youth Council is busy planning the Lifeskills Workshop, facilitated by Glen Stewart and Oberon Rotary Club. The workshop is scheduled for April 2019. The workshop is called “How to Adult” and consist of 4 sessions based on money & budgeting; car maintenance; food and lifestyle choices; and wellbeing. The workshop is sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and the Oberon Youth Council. The program and booking details will be out soon, so watch out for this.  I urge parents to consider encouraging their children to attend.   

Our readers may recall that late last year council received $1mill Drought Affected Communities Funding from the Federal Government. I am pleased to advise that all nominated projects have been submitted and some have been approved including support for the Fish River Festival - a free community event in O'Connell, an upgrade to Burraga Dam Picnic Area, kitchen upgrade for Black Springs Hall, and development of Primitive Camping Facilities at The Reef an announcement on the remaining projects is expected in the near future.  Council’s aim is to share the benefits of this funding across the LGA including the Villages whilst meeting the designated criteria.

I attended a meeting of the Burraga BDCA Organisation this week, amongst other things we spoke about grant funding opportunities to assist the various organisations active in the village and where council can assist with the plans to promote the area. On Friday March 22 the village is hosting the “Chad Morgan” Show at the Community Hall. Tickets are $20 with children under 12 free, a BBQ and supper is planned. A bus will travel out from Oberon at a cost of $20. Watch out for posters around town, further information from the Visitors Information Centre in Ross Street. I would like to thank the Burraga Ag Bureau for hosting community and councillors to the Seniors Festival Lunch last weekend. Once again a credit to the tireless work volunteers undertake on our local community. 

The process to undertake a new branding/signage strategy has commenced, we have the funding and the first stage will be to establish the Oberon Brand – the community vision in CSP document will inform this process and a professional consultant will be engaged to work with council and the community to establish this brand. A brand or logo denotes who we are and what our aims and aspirations are. The second stage will be the signage component of the strategy; again community engagement will be undertaken and it is hoped that local contractors will think about tendering for the work, council always aims to keep the $$ in the town if possible. 

Around February 8 a community member dropped a photocopy of an article about Michelle Collocott and student Emma Tye into council for my attention. The article looks as if it may have been sourced from the SMH. I wonder if the person who dropped it off could contact me please.

The new local telephone directory supported by OBTA is currently being complied. If you would like to have your details listed, deleted or alter your current details the publication please contact 66469466.  
As a result of a funding allocation of $375,000 under the Regional Capacity Building Program, announced recently by Minister Toole, Oberon, Bathurst, Lithgow and Mid-Western Councils will collaborate on the development of a Contaminated Land Management Policy Framework.