Mayoral Column Media Release - 11 April 2019

Field to Forest - Recent rain and warm weather has ensured the Field to Forest festival has started on a high note. The first of the 4wd Foraging tours was very successful with plenty of mushrooms in evidence. Good feedback from the “Wine & Beer Trail” event last weekend. The festival continues to gather momentum with the visit to Oberon this weekend by leading Sydney media representatives and environmental educator and wild food advocate Diego Bonetto who will conduct a foraging workshop sharing his knowledge on how to identify, harvest and cook wild mushrooms. This event is a sellout.

From the Works Department - final preparation and trimming of road base has been carried out on a two kilometre section of the Beaconsfield Road in preparation for new bitumen sealing to be completed from Monday 29 April. The new seal will link the former unsealed section on the southern end of Beaconsfield Road and finish adjacent to Budd’s Road. Shoulder preparation works are set to commence on various section of the Abercrombie Road this week, seven kilometres of road shoulder work will also be undertaken, Forming and installation of the foundation slab for the new Abercrombie Bridge has been completed, as the slab was poured Council staff placed by hand a layer of basalt stone on the surface layer of the concrete to provide a fish friendly surface. Work has commenced on Edith Road between the bridge and Ross Street. Staff are currently installing extensions to the drainage pipes. The work on Meadows Road is progressing satisfactorily with continued widening and strengthening of the shoulders, drainage work is also underway.  

Free Tip Day – Sunday April 14. I am sure the community appreciates the ongoing programs such as free tip vouchers and this free tip day which extends to the Burraga and Black Springs transfer stations. You just need to have your rates notice or drivers licence handy when entering the facilities.

Central West NSW Joint Organisation (CWNSWJO) - With the NSW State Election finalised the promised focus on the regions is welcomed and through the JO process we look forward to working on the challenges of water and regional transport links. A significant election win for the region is $2.5 billion in funding for the Great Western Highway upgrade ensuring a continuous 100km per hour trip from Penrith to Lithgow. This is a sound step in connecting a safe swift link between Sydney and Central NSW, our region’s biggest transport constraint. There is support for significant projects our JO has already spent time investing in, including coordinated drought relief and the Southern Lights project. This project is a collaboration with southern councils on an infrastructure project designed to deliver better, safer and much cheaper street lighting options. This project will result in one of the largest deployment of smart-enabled LED lighting in Australia with over 75,000 LED streetlights being installed in over forty one local government areas contributing to the state target of zero net emission by 2050. In addition to providing operational support for its members, the CWNSWJO’s principal function is to establish strategic regional priorities and formulate plans to deliver those priorities and continued advocacy for member councils with government. The CEO of CWNSWJO Ms. Jenny Bennett will be presenting to council at the next ordinary meeting to be held April 16 commencing at 5.30pm.