Mayoral Column Media Release - 04 April 2019

Daylight saving ends this coming weekend, do not forget to put your clocks back one hour before you go to bed on Saturday night. 

In September 2018 council determined to purchase an available property in Dart Street Oberon. This property is adjacent to the library, the dental facility and another council owned property. At the rear of these properties sits the Robert Hooper Community Centre and car park. When making the determination Council considered the fact that there has been a long standing direction in the current CSP to create a community hub by joining the Library to the Community Centre. Councillors also decided this was a strategic long term investment and a valid one for the community ensuring the consolidation of space to develop of a true community precinct with facilities for all ages. The funds to purchase this property came from the Land Bank Reserve which was developed many years ago for these types of infrastructure investments and their maintenance.  The development of the industrial site in Albion Street is also funded from this reserve as was the development of the properties on Edith Road. All funds realised from sale of any council owned land/infrastructure goes immediately back into this fund for future reinvestment. In February 2019 $40000 was allocated from the Land Bank Reserve to bring the Dart Street building to a stage which would ensure the maximum rental return could be secured.  Informing this decision was the fact that the development of a community hub/precinct would be a long term project therefore prudent that council secure a return on the investment in this and other community assets in the locality. Our community are encouraged and most welcome to attend council meetings to see what is happening around the LGA but I realise this is not always possible. I therefore suggest anyone who is interested in decisions taken by council to speak with either myself or GM Gary Wallace; we are both always more than happy to speak first hand with any community member - as are all councillors. Councillor email addresses are available on the council website.

The 2018/19 swim season ends on the 18th April 2019 celebrating with an end of season party held on the 14th of April with lots of free events for the whole family. Stage two of works to further enclose the pool will then commence. 

Funded through the 2018 ‘Stronger Country Communities Fund’ work to replace the synthetic grass surface of the two tennis courts at Black Springs is now complete. I am sure the residents of Black Springs will be delighted.

Installation of a new vulcanised rubber edging around the Long Jump pit at the Recreation Ground has also been completed. The addition of this soft 15mm edge will provide added protection for Little A’s long jumpers and School carnival participants. 

Last week council appointed Brijd Media to develop a new community branding strategy for the Oberon Region. This is a key activity in conjunction with the development of the CSP. The process will involve significant creative development and community consultation after which the brand will be implemented across the town and villages with new improved signage and will also translate to all media platforms etc.