Mayor Kathy Sajowitz meets with CEO of Nectar Farms

I took part in a very productive meeting last week with the new CEO of Nectar Farms Stephen Sasse. 

Stephen stated the Nectar Farm position as being that - Oberon Council and the Nectar Farms group will continue to work together in establishing a high-tech protected cropping facility in the Oberon area. To date, Nectar Farms has not identified a suitable block of land for the construction of several five hectare greenhouses. Nectar Farms and Council will recommence the process of identifying suitable land in the fourth quarter of 2016. Stephen also reiterated that the company remained committed to the Oberon area “the Oberon area meets all of our key criteria for the location of our greenhouses, and we are looking forward to making progress on site selection”.

I note that the Stawell project is underway and is now twelve days into the required twenty eight day public exhibition period for the proposed development. It is hoped the building phase will commence before the end of the year. 

On behalf of council I reinforced to Stephen our commitment to assist wherever possible with the project and look forward to a long association with the Nectar Farms Group. 

Mayor Kathy Sajowitz