Mayor Kathy Sajowitz to meet with 8 State Ministers on 12 May 2016

Mayor Kathy Sajowitz is meeting with 8 State Ministers in Sydney next week to raise local and regional issues

Mayor Kathy Sajowitz  is meeting with 8 State Ministers at Parliament House in Sydney on Thursday 12 May as part of a regional approach by Central NSW Councils (Centroc) to State Government.

“Health, Planning, Roads, Jobs, Infrastructure, Water, Transport, Local Government Reforms and the funding framework are all on the agenda,” said Mayor Kathy Sajowitz.

“We are very pleased to speak to Ministers and the Treasurer,” said Mayor Kathy Sajowitz.

“I want to hear the aspirations and plans of our community heard and understood at the State level. The Prime Minister only last week on PM said that we need to get agreement across all levels of government on clear and measurable goals for our regions,” said the Mayor Kathy Sajowitz.

“The Mayors of Centroc work together very well and we want to have the State come with us, support our priorities to the Federal election,” said Mayor Kathy Sajowitz.

“Our region is seriously transport constrained, we need water security and we need to have State and Federal policy in place to grow and prosper,” said Mayor Kathy Sajowitz.

“Doing more of the same is not going to effect the sort change we need to have happen for all communities in Australia be they in our capital cities or in our regions,” said Mayor Kathy Sajowitz.

“Where the talk in NSW is for 2 million more people living in western Sydney contributing to grid lock, growing congestion, paying high mortgages and having huge travel times to work, we should be planning to grow our regions,” said Mayor Kathy Sajowitz.

“According to a recent report by the Regional Australia Institute, every 100,000 people who choose to live outside the Capital Cities deliver savings of $292million in congestion costs per year and $42billion in mortgage payments over 30 years,” said Mayor Kathy Sajowitz.

“That buys us more than our share in Inland Rail, water security and innumerable other projects.”