Local Government Week Celebrations at Council

Media Release 
Local Government Week Tours a Success
Release Date: Thursday 14 August 2014

Last week Council showcased their day-to-day work to the community by hosting Local Government Week tours of its offices and facilities. 

School students from Oberon High, St Josephs, Hampton Public, Black Springs and Burraga schools, along with local residents of Oberon, took part in guided tours by Council Staff and Councillors, giving them the opportunity to go behind the scenes of council buildings and facilities. 

Tours included Council’s Administration Centre and Council Chambers where visitors explored the different departments of Council such as Planning and Development, Works and Engineering, Administration, Finance and Community Services. The Library tours gave insight into the range of resources available to the community along with special exhibits, children’s activities and research support that it provides. 

Visitors toured the Water Treatment Plant observing the treatment process and testing carried out daily to deliver the clean and safe water consumed by the public. At the Sewerage Treatment Plant staff explained how sewerage is treated with the use of biological particles through four separate processes. 

Tours of the Visitor Information Centre proved captivating for students, learning about tourism activities and attractions in the area, displays and merchandise in the centre, along with the services provided by the Community Technology Centre. 

The Council Depot tour gave students a look into the role of Council’s outdoor staff and the services they provide to the community. Visiting the Council Workshop, Store, the Overseer’s and Risk Manager’s offices, students saw the varied jobs and responsibilities involved in working at the Depot.

Mayor McMahon said the weeklong celebration was a great success, “It was wonderful to see so many students and residents take part in the Council tours last week. Local Government week provided the ideal opportunity to highlight and acknowledge the vast range of services that Council provides to our local community”.

A major focus of the Local Government Week tours has been to promote the opportunities available at Council and to encourage young people to consider a career working in Local Government. 

Council staff provided great information and background into the diversity of jobs available at Council, along with the tertiary education pathways, traineeship and apprenticeship programs available, and the range of skills and qualifications recommended for various areas within Council. 

Council would like to thank residents and local schools for taking part in the celebrations last week. Local Councils provide invaluable services to the community on a daily basis, and Local Government Week provided the perfect opportunity to celebrate the importance of Council’s work.