Library News - Thursday 09 May 2013

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Oberon Council Library News
Release Date: Thursday 09 May 2013


It has been a very eventful couple of weeks at the Oberon Library, with the Friends of the Oberon Library (FOOLs) kindly offering their time to hold Waste 2 Art workshops and assist with Storytime sessions. We've had lots of children visit the Library over the School Holiday break, spending time reading books, magazines, using the Internet and enjoying some quiet time with their friends.

Most of us have hobbies and pastimes we enjoy and the library holds a number of titles that can extend the satisfaction you can gain participating in your particular pastime. So this week we are featuring non-fiction books that provide some interesting facts about a few hobbies.

UNDERSTANDING YOUR DOG by Dr Elsa Flint - If you are considering getting a new dog, this book provides profiles on different breeds, their temperaments, and also explains the dog psyche and their needs. Guidelines on dealing with problem behaviour in some dogs are discussed and step-by-step instructions to assist in modifying a dog's negative behaviour are a great help. The canine social system is explained in easy language and some of the problems of the mature-aged dog are addressed. Some really cute photos make this a delightful book whether you own a dog, are interested in dog training or are just considering getting a new pet.

WHEELS FOR THE WORLD by Douglas Brinkley - A 'must' for the car enthusiast and a 'definite' for anyone interested in history - this book examines details of Ford Motor Company's achievements. Starting with the Model T through to more recent models, innovators, businessmen, eccentrics and factories, have all been part of this world famous company and take on the aspects of characters in a real-life documentary. One interesting snippet is the invention of the first traffic lights by Detroit police officer William Potts in 1920, who had seen enough mayhem at intersections with bicycles, horse-drawn wagons and cars all jockeying to cross busy streets. Separating fact from fiction while embracing business and social history this is an entertaining read.

Just a reminder the Oberon Library is open Monday to Friday from 10.00am - 6.00pm, and Saturday from 10.00am - 2.00pm. If you're after a particular book title, need help with a research project or are purely looking for something new to read, the friendly staff at the Library are more than happy to assist.