Library News - 7 May 2015

LIBRARY SURVEY                

The Oberon Library is conducting a Survey of its visitors. It is available now and will provide an important tool for Council to measure Library performance and client expectations. The Survey can be anonymous or you can sign your name, either way your opinions are valuable to us. Pick up a copy and let us know what you think about the Library and its services. Whether you are a regular visitor to the Library, or only pop in occasionally, we need to know what we can do more or less of to create a welcoming Community Hub.


St. Joseph’s Central School currently has a creative art display at the Library. This is an opportunity to see what is happening in our Community and local schools. Creating displays that recognise effort sends a message to students that their work is important and taking the display into the community is extremely valuable. The colours are glorious and the inspiration stunning.


On the second Tuesday of each month a group of reading enthusiasts meet at the Oberon Library. This is an informal group with the members selecting from a wide range of books to read each month. The meetings are relaxed and friendly, and new members are more than welcome to come along. The next meeting of this group will be on 12 May at 4.00pm. Phone the Library on 6329 8220 if you need more information.


THE EMPTY THRONE by Bernard Cornwell

Uhtred is the hero of this book. He is the bloke you want at your campfire, telling you stories. He is the bloke everyone hovers around at the party. He has charisma that makes you love him and he is also the bloke who has your back. A new narrator is introduced in this novel; does this imply that Uhtred will not make it to the end? And Stiorra – how will her story end? A must-read for all Bernard Cornwell fans!

LEAP OF FAITH by Fiona McCallum

This book focuses on the love of life with some romance. Steve brings home Faith, an under nourished, injured mare from a clearing sale to entice his wife Jessica back into the saddle after a nasty fall. Jessica finds the horse a challenge but will she persist in her determination never to ride again or will Faith provide a glimmer of hope and strength for the future? This is a most enjoyable read and entertaining read.


A new book by crime writer Karen Rose released early this year is also the first in a new series of Faith Corcoran detective novels. Faith is a therapist to victims of sex crimes but sometimes her work leads to dangerous situations. As a result of an inheritance from her grandmother, Faith moves into an old empty house with the intent of building a new life. Faith is smart, brave and caring but seems to attract suspense and spine-tingling acts of injustice. Lots of chilling moments and numerous suspects contribute to making this book a real page-turner.