Library News 04 July 2013

Release: Oberon Council Library News
Release Date: Thursday 04 July 2013

Calling all history buffs in Oberon – now is the time to maximise your interest in history! The State Library of New South Wales is calling for applications for the research and writing of Australian history. Two fellowships each to the value of $12,000 are being made available. The project must use the collections held at the Mitchell Library (State Library of New South Wales). Applications close Monday July 15 2013; forms are available at or email

The Library is celebrating Christmas in July during July school holidays, and is running holiday craft activities for kids during the school break. Every craft session offers a choice of three projects of varying complication, so children from 5 to 12 can find a project suitable to their level. This week has produced a wide selection of wonderful items with even more on offer next week.

New titles to the Library this week include:

CLOSE TO THE BONE by Stuart MacBride. The first body is chained to a stake: strangled, and stabbed, with a burning tyre around its neck. But is this a gangland execution or something much darker? Someone’s leaving little knots of bones outside Detective Inspector Logan McRae’s house, but he’s got more pressing things to worry about. When another body turns up, it looks as if the similarities between these murders and the plot of a bestselling novel are more than just a coincidence. And perhaps those little knots of bones are more important than they look?

GUILT by Jonathan Kellerman. Jonathan Kellerman’s new novel of murder and madness is set in the glorious weather of southern California. The discovery of two bodies long buried leads LAPD homicide detective Milo Sturgis aided by psychologist Alex Delaware into an extraordinary investigation. This book captures the reader with exciting, good twists in the plot, a book that is more mystery than attitude, more puzzle and who-dun-it.

UP IN THE AIR by Betty Riegel. Set at the start of the golden age of air travel, twenty-two year old Betty Riegal was selected to work for Pan Am. Overcoming airsickness and intensive training; Betty describes the life of an air stewardess as both glamorous and gruelling. Being a perfect air stewardess required the ability to cook gourmet meals for first class passengers, have faultless etiquette and make-up while being aware of air safety. This is an easy entertaining read for anyone interested in air travel and social history.  

THE STORYTELLER by Jodi Picoult. The newest title from Jodi Picoult again explores perspectives of human behaviour – this time forgiveness is the topic. This book is well written and thought provoking. A fantastic amount of research went into this book and like most of Picoult’s books, there is an unexpected twist.  The plot starts timidly but builds to an engrossing tale with so many spoilers on offer; it is difficult to discuss the book without giving something away.