Library Craft Activities over School Break

Media Release
Release Date: Thursday 12th April 2013
Oberon Council Library News


The Oberon Council Library is very pleased to announce they will be holding School Holiday Craft Activities for children aged 6-12 years during the coming school break.

During the first week of the holidays, Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 April, the FOOLs will be holding art workshops from 1.00 - 3.30pm with an out-of-this-world "Mars Landing" recycling group project coordinated by Celia. On Thursday 18 April you can join in the fun with making your own recycled entries for Waste2Art and enter Oberon Council's 150th Anniversary drawing competition.

There is no cost for any of these sessions; however bookings are essential as there are a limited number of places available. Phone the Library today on 6329 8220.

Here are some of our new titles to the shelves this week:

THE GOLDEN LAND by Giles A. Lutz - Western fans are in for a treat with this new title from Giles Lutz. Ryan Sage is a hero who was born for trouble, he has been in kill-or-be-killed situations before and each time has had to flee to save himself. Attempting to settle down and become a part of society, he becomes involved in a bitter struggle between Mexican Californios and newly arrived Yankee pioneers in the emerging town of Los Angeles. Complicating matters, Ryan falls in love with Maria Diaz, the fiancée of his friend. It seems there is no escaping this final encounter with trouble as the conflict escalates into a tragic climax.

ROBERT B. PARKER'S IRONHORSE by Robert Knott - Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch have ridden roughshod over rabble-rousers in troubled towns. Newly appointed as territorial Marshalls, they step into danger as they climb aboard a train traveling through Indian Territories. Their task of escorting Mexican prisoners to the border is made more complicated when the Texan Governor boards the train with a hoard of money. Cole and Hitch have to fend off a pack of ruthless bandits led by a heartless killer, Bloody Bob Brandice. A fast moving, twisting plot and lots of action, this is a most enjoyable adventure.

CHANGING TRAINS by Cynthia Haseloff - If you are looking for a western with a female hero, this is the book to read. Mari Marshay is a lady gambler who decides to retire when a man at her poker table is shot dead. Mari makes arrangements to look after the dead man's widow and children while she boards a train bound for St. Louis. The situation becomes interesting when the train is taken hostage by the Cherokees becoming an event with social and political consequences.  The rich dialogue and great descriptions combined with thought provoking writing make this a great book to read, especially if it is a first time dip into the western genre.