Leasing Council Land 7 July 2016

The following Council land is being offered for a three year lease commencing on the 1st August 2016.

1.    Council Land adjacent to Oberon Garbage Depot, Lowes Mount Road (area west of the rail corridor only) Part Lot 1 DP 844887 (Approx. 13 Ha)

2.    Reserve on the corner of Abercrombie and The Reef Road - Lot 7101, 
DP 1030717  (Approx. 3.2Ha)

3.    Reserve Titania Estate -  Lot 85 DP 805063 (Approx. 24 Ha)

An information package containing maps of the reserves and a sample lease agreement can be collected from the Oberon Council Administration Centre, 137 Oberon Street, Oberon. Alternatively the information can be downloaded from below or mailed upon request.

Information pack - Lease of Council land

Written offers will be received until 22 July 2016. All offers should be addressed to:

“Lease Quotation for Council Land”
Oberon Council 
PO Box 84
Oberon 2787