Latest News for the Oberon Swimming Pool - 7 December 2017

Support the Oberon Council’s Swimming Pool’s campaign “Watch Me Not Your Phone” while visiting our Pool. Please actively supervise your children when in and around water!

Congratulations to all students from Oberon Public and St Joseph’s Central Schools who have achieved excellent results for their efforts during their annual swimming lessons. It has been a great two weeks of swimming and fun with valuable skills learnt for life! Please allow your children to continue and practise those skills learnt once lesson have completed. The more your children swim the more confident they will be around water. Well done to all participants.

Don’t forget that the Dolphin Swim School Lesson enrolments are taken at the Oberon Swimming Pool 2.30pm – 5.30pm Mon – Fridays and 11am - 5pm weekends. Please note: All Dolphin Swim School programs require enrolment prior to sessions. For more information regarding our programs enquire at the Pool.

The Oberon Swimming Pool’s H2o classes are held at 7am Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There are also evening sessions which are conducted 6pm Wednesday and Fridays.

The Low impact class, GentleXercise, is held 8am Fridays.

Squad Training sessions are as follows:

Junior Dolphin Squad - Will recommence 11 December 2017 at 4pm Monday & Wednesdays

Competitive Senior Squad - Monday, Wednesday & Fridays 5.30pm

Swim Meet - 5.30pm Fridays.

The Oberon Swimming Pool Operating hours for December are:

Mon - Fri 7am - 9am and 2pm - 7pm, Weekends and School Holidays 10am - 7pm.

The Oberon Swimming Pool will be closed on Christmas Day 2017.