Our new council is in place after a meeting of the elected Councillors was held on 30 December.  At that meeting all Councillors were sworn in and Clr Mark Kellam was elected Mayor and Clr Andrew McKibbin was elected as Deputy Mayor. 
The other seven Councillors are Clr Katy Graham, Clr Helen Hayden, ClrR Clive McCarthy, Clr Mick McKechnie, Clr LaurenTrembath, Clr IanTucker and Clr Bruce Watt. The next few weeks will see an induction process for all Councillors. The first full meeting of Council for 2022 will be on 15 February and there will be a number of smaller committee meeting in the later part of January and early February.
Expressions of interest for community members to become part of a number of Council 355 Committees will be sought in the next few weeks. These 355 Committees are either chaired by a Councillor or there is a Councillor designated as a member of the committee. In both cases community members on the committee having full voting rights.
The 355 Committees are:
• Community Services Committee (Chair Clr Katie Graham & Clr Bruce Watt),
• Hazelgrove Public School Reserve (Chair Clr Helen Hayden)
• Heritage Committee (Chair Clr Clive McCarthy, Clr Lauren Trembath & Clr Helen Hayden alternate)
• Oberon Sports Facilities(Chair Clr Lauren Trembath, Clr Clive McCarthy & Clr Mick McKechnie )
• Black Springs Community Hall (Chair Clr Helen Hayden & Clr Andrew McKibbin)
Australia Day - The main Australia Day event will be held on 26 January at the Showground Commencing with ‘smoko’ at 9.00and the main ceremony commencing at 10.00am.
Our Australia Day ambassador is Peter Cousens AM the renowned Australian singer and actor. In his long career he has had many roles in television, movies and in musical theatre as well as releasing a number of albums and is the current Artistic Director of the Talent Development Project.  
The main Australia Day Ceremony will include awards for Volunteer/Volunteer organisation of the year, Sports person of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year and Citizen of the Year. There is also quite a special Citizenship ceremony planned.
Entry is free and smoko is a gold coin donation.
Vaccination for Children - In the last week or so some disturbing material has been turning up in letter boxes in town. The material seeks to dissuade people from allowing their children to be vaccinated against Covid 19. The documents use the same discredited arguments and misinformation that have been circulated by anti-vax organisations for many months. 
I encourage everyone who has children who will be eligible for the Vaccine to review the fact sheet  provided by the Federal Dept of Health ( and the NSW Health advice ( and consult your GP if you have further questions.