Latest News from Mayor Kathy Sajowitz - Thursday 28 July 2016

I mark that this week I have been privileged to have served in the Mayoral role for one year, the time has passed very quickly and it has been a year of hard work, upheaval and change. It would be good to have a crystal ball and see where Oberon will be in the scheme of things this time next year. If there is any democratic justice we will be in a strong stand alone position with increased efficiencies and forward plans in place to move us into the future.

Oberon Council and OBTA are collaborating physically and financially on the upcoming Regional Living Expo to be held on August 6th & 7th at Olympic Park Homebush.  This annual event is staged to encourage new residents to relocate from the cities into the regions. Our expo stand will showcase Oberon - its advantages and opportunities. I would like to thank our sponsors Mayfield Gardens, Melaleuca Cabins, Jenolan Caves Trust, Borg Manufacturing, members of OBTA and of course council staff for their contribution to the event. Tourism will also be a focus, after all every tourist is a potential resident. I thank our local real estate agents for making staff available to support the event.

Congratulations to Lynne Butterfield on her nomination as a “Hidden Treasure”. The Department of Primary Industries are sponsoring this project and results will be announced at the annual Rural Women’s Network Conference to be held at Broken Hill in October. I am now seeking nominations for the NSW Regional Achievement & Community Awards. These awards are for community contribution in any of several areas including: Community of the Year, Service in Aged Care, Volunteering Award and Tourism related awards (could be an event or an individual contribution) so if you would like to speak to me about any these awards, please contact me at Council.

As residents we have received a very logical request from the Police and Emergency Services to ensure street address numbers are displayed prominently on either our property mailbox or in some other easily visible place. This would greatly assist with trying to locate properties in an emergency situation. I plan to raise this issue with council and ascertain where we may be able to assist.

I would like to make mention of both council staff and the Oberon SES who worked hard during the fierce wind event that occurred last weekend. We sometimes forget that clearing fallen trees and associated issues around these types of events is dangerous work. I am certain the community joins with me to thank staff who willingly put in the extra yards to ensure our safety and the emergency service volunteers who we rely on in times of danger and distress. The Oberon Council webpage and Facebook page will always have updated information during any weather event, so make that your first point of call when you have concerns.

At the time of writing this column, Tuesday July 26, no decision has yet been handed down in relation to Oberon legal challenge against the forced amalgamation of Oberon and Bathurst Regional Council.

Mayor Kathy Sajowitz