Latest News from Mayor Kathy Sajowitz - Thursday 26 May 2016

At the time of writing this column - Monday May 23, the Acting General Manager and myself are preparing to head to Sydney to challenge the decision by the NSW State Government to merge Oberon and Bathurst Councils. By the time you are actually reading this, the case will have been heard and either a ruling bought down by the presiding judge or the judgement will be under consideration.

In response to my letters to the candidates for Calare in the upcoming Federal Election seeking their views and support on the issue of forced amalgamations, I can advise I have received responses from all Candidates. I have met with Dr Jess Jennings and have appointments set up with Delanie Sky (Greens), Rod Bloomfield (Xenophon Party), Bernie Gesling (CDP) I have had conversations with the Hon Paul Green MLC (CDP) all are supportive.

Minister for Local Government and Local Member Paul Toole has also responded to my request for a meeting stating that “it would not be appropriate to meet at this time”. No response from the Premier or Deputy Leader Troy Grant.

It was a pleasure to attend the Rotary Dinner on Thursday evening, generous monetary support was given to Black Springs and Burraga Public Schools and I believe there are further presentations to be made in the near future to the remaining schools in the LGA. I can only applaud the group for their community spirit.

Next Saturday is the highly anticipated event “Matinee at the Music Hall” a fund raiser hosted by The Writers Workshop with all monies raised contributing to “an Anthology of Local Writers”.

Council will be hosting meetings over the next week or so to engage the community and discuss the Community Strategic Plan and associated Operational Plan for 2016/17. It is vital that we have your input into the plans for the future of the LGA, this document is our roadmap. There are two meetings in Oberon and we will be visiting the villages. So watch for these dates.

Nectar Farms are moving ahead with their development, a new CEO for the company has been appointed and council looks forward to meeting with the team in the near future to progress the development.

After several phone enquiries to me from the community this week, can I just clarify that the NSW Government Grant alluded to in Minister Toole’s column in last week’s issue of the Review was in fact last year’s grant from the NSW State Library and this is the amount we have been working with to establish the current plan to create a community hub joining the Library to the Robert Hooper Community Centre. This is not new money, but in saying that we are hoping to gain through further grants “new money” to contribute to the completion of the project. Grant funding is imperative to all councils for new and improved infrastructure, Oberon council is proactive in this space, also contributing funds to given projects.

The weather is amazing for this time of year; I hope everyone is taking advantage of the pleasant days though the evenings are getting cooler. A reminder that winter is just around the corner.

Mayor Kathy Sajowitz